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Start-Up Competition 2014 Submissions

  • bprvaLOGO

    #BPRVA // By the People RVA

    Category: Social Impact

    By the People RVA, or #BPRVA, is an online magazine produced by people who live and work here! Through workshops at libraries and community centers, we will help people develop the skill of content creation.  Students tell compelling  stories about their world, which is why we will be using ad dollars to pay students for their content. For each article written, Richmond Public Schools students on our media team will receive a donation to a career fund they can access after completing high school. #BPRVA: revealing the true creative depth of RVA’s communities through hyper-local content supported by ads for hyper-local businesses.

  • official-logo

    Pack Wisdom Collective LLC

    Category: Retail

    We have found that through our work as an apparel brand that there are many artists that do not have the means to gain recognition or have access to the services to get them started. We are a collaborative company that focuses on keeping as many aspects of production “in-house” as possible which includes design, screen printing products, and packaging to offer a complete product for our customer. We will both support and promote them by featuring information about the artist on our social media networks and venues, producing their designs, and/or selling their artwork on our website.

  • MemberMoose


    Category: High Tech

    MemberMoose knows that the easier it is for customers to pay, the easier it is for businesses to focus on growing their customer base and the more profitable businesses will become. Small business owners work hard to provide a good product or service to their customers only to face the challenges of tracking down late payments and trying to convert one time customers into repeat business. With the growing demand for online bill payments, many customers prefer to set up recurring payments when given the option. The problem is that recurring payment solutions are typically something that only large organizations are able to afford or have the technical resources to implement. As a result, big companies are able to spend their time acquiring more customers while their small business counterparts are busy trying to collect from their existing customers. Our recurring subscription platform requires no technical knowledge and is an affordable solution that gives businesses and organizations the tools to create recurring subscriptions so they can focus on growing their business by converting one time customers into loyal members and reliable income. Artisans, small business owners, and membership organizations are able to set up recurring payments in minutes with MemberMoose!

  • talnay_logo

    Talented Neighbors

    Category: Services


    Visit Us at We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs! At Talented Neighbors, we are always working hard to make running your business easier. From bidding on potential projects, to simply having a free (no hosting or building cost) website that can show your business, we are here to help. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that it's hard enough to run a business without the hassle of thinking about online logistics. Essentially, Talented Neighbors is here for the entrepreneur. Our role is to help accomplish the following:
    • Build a community of local, talented, and eager entrepreneurs.
    • Provide a free platform where sellers can showcase their products and/or services via a built-in a photo gallery.
    • Allow service providers to browse through an array of talents where you can select and display your talents, increasing their marketability.
    • Provide a platform for communicating with potential customers.
    • Through a workbench, allow ongoing communication with current clients so that everybody is on the same page when service is finalized.
    • Enable sellers to take online payments and hold sales tax for products sold.
    • Allow sellers to display feedback from orders that you have delivered/serviced and allow potential buyers to see said feedback without paying a fee.
    • Store inventory information and product builds, allowing for clean and accurate reporting.
    Talented Neighbors is the local entrepreneur's partner platform for success.

  • downloadfile-1-1

    Night Owl Photography

    Category: Social Impact

    Considering the growing epidemics of under-, and unemployment, "over education," and lack of genuine opportunities to to put skilled people to work, I've invested in an entrepreneurial concept that "Creates Work" as opposed to "Creating Workers." Traditional Model - Go To School, Get An Education, and Wait In Line With A Resume To Apply Education... Newer Model - Go To School, Get An Education, and Develop, Incubate Ideas, and Recruit Skilled Artisans To Execute Ideas/Services/Etc. For Profit... Sounds Simple, But The Simplicity Lies Within The Direct Tapping Of Resource-Bases, The Recruitment Of Specific Artisans, Execution Of Projects (Project Management), Etc. The Issue Of Tradition - Businesses Have Limited The Scope Of Skilled Labor, The Scope Of Working Inside Industry-Focused Limitations And Funding Has Almost Always Been One-Dimensionally Driven By Industry Leaders... Why Not Look Into More Dynamic Possibilities? (I Need More Than 100 Words To Explain This) But Think Along The Lines Of Venture Capitalists Within The Circle Of An Industry Feeding Its Own, Rather Than Looking Outside The Box For Angel Investors Who Nothing Invested Within Your Particular Venture Scope... My Company In Particular Is A Hybrid Of Arts & Entertainment, Meets Hospitality (Food & Beverage), Meets The Beauty Industry...

  • g33k3d-online

    G33K3D Industries

    Category: High Tech

    G33K3D Online allows a player to sell virtual currency earned in one game through our online auction house to another player for cash-credit. The credit the player receives is then used to purchase virtual currency in another video game, or to purchase DLC and new games. G33K3D Online will allow gamers who have time but not money to buy new games and also allow gamers who have money but not time to continue to play the games they love. The G33K3D Online software is free for gamers to download and access. G33K3D Industries generates revenue through advertising and transaction fees.

  • IMG_0585

    The Urban Teacup

    Category: Social Impact

    The Urban Teacup is the first tea room of its kind in Richmond. Setting itself apart from the fancy tea rooms you may be familiar with, The Urban Teacup embodies the fun and eclectic style of Richmond and blends it with social responsibility. Along with providing various selections of quality fair trade teas, The Urban Teacup provides brunch and lunch selections. All produce is organic and purchased from local farmers. The Urban Teacup is also a hub for social awareness, focusing on educating the public about such causes as autism and human trafficking. Richmond dwellers, specifically young girls and women will fall in love with the cheerful shabby chic atmosphere of the tea room and will no doubt want to book a party in one of the The Urban Teacup's party rooms. The Urban Teacup is happy to host birthday parties, as well as bridal and baby showers. All in all, The Urban Teacup strives to provide an inviting relaxed atmosphere, where one can sip quality, yet socially responsible tea all the while talking with other individuals who, like us, just want to make the world a better place.

  • HOTDLogo

    Hair of the Dog

    Category: Services

    Hair of the Dog (HOTD) is Richmond’s first ever indoor dog park providing a fun, friendly, and clean atmosphere for you and your dog. Our open floor plan allows for complete transparency so you can watch your best friend romp around. Dogs are supervised at all times so you can relax and be worry-free by reading a book, watching the game, or getting some work done while Fido plays with his favorite doggie friends. You can even enjoy one of the local brews we have on tap. You and your dog will be thankful to escape the snow or the heat. And you’ll never miss out on amazing weather because our floor-to-ceiling windows open up to the outdoors. Join us in helping our awesome RVA dogs have a great time while we have fun doing the things we love as well! Join us on facebook at

  • logo


    Category: Social Impact

    Many high school students volunteer as part of an honors program or in some cases as a requirement for graduation. An apparent disconnect occurs when these students get into college. Many colleges offer opportunities for volunteering and community service through their offices of community engagement but they lack a cohesive and central platform for connecting students with these opportunities, most have to send periodic emails or even post these opportunities on physical bulletin boards. That is where SERVIZ comes in. SERVIZ  is a platform that allows students to discover, sign up, share and even celebrate their active social impact i.e. their volunteering experience. For the school, it provides a central hub similar to Blackboard, that serves as an online bulletin board while providing resources to track, measure and analyze students’ volunteering. For students, it provides a personal dashboard that allows them to record, monitor and share their social impact with schoolmates in particular and their other social networks in general. The centerpiece of the system is the ‘S score’, a measure of number of hours served. It employs elements of gamification as seen in apps like Foursquare, the Nike Fuel website and Klout amongst others to promote a sense of healthy competition. The ultimate goal is to develop a deeply rooted culture of volunteering and community service in the school in particular and the community in general.

  • FlipBit-Maker-Co1

    FlipBit Maker Co

    Category: Education

    We're a group of makers and designers that met at HackRVA in Richmond. We focus on creating novel objects for 21st century learning. We've invented a binary digital abacus, known as the FlipBit, to teach the binary number system. The FlipBit is an abacus with a single magnetic bead on each of eight rods, or "bits", that react with sensors inside the abacus frame. A digital screen displays ASCII, hexadecimal, and decimal conversions corresponding to the position of the "bits". There are also games about binary mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, and boolean operations. Understanding binary is a core idea for technologists and engineers. The FlipBit offers a hands-on approach to learning for young people by mixing an ancient counting tool with the real time feedback of a digital screen. We've seen kids learn binary in less than 30 minutes playing with the FlipBit. The FlipBit is built on the Arduino platform and will be an opensource hardware product making it possible for users to modify the FlipBit as well as create their own games.

  • Untitled-4

    RVA Limited

    Category: Retail

    RVA Limited is a design company that works toward expanding the Richmond brand within and beyond city limits through creating ORIGINAL logos and designs. (Not recreating the current RVA logo which other companies are doing) RVA Limited initially sprung from the idea of creating a collectors pin series, similar to Hard Rock Cafe's, to highlight Richmond's festivals, architecture, heroes, and destination spots. We already have a Love RVA Lapel Pin and another in the works just check out our site at RVA Limited looks to exploit the best of what Richmond has to offer and put it in the hands of both tourists and locals. The end goal of RVA Limited is to morph into a nonprofit organization, with a profiting retail side, that works to buy and convert "dead spaces" in Richmond. We want to recreate and develop unusable spaces when and where the city is unable to so that all Richmonders can enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more environmentally safe city.

  • Indie_Lab_logo

    Indie Lab

    Category: Services

    An independent coworking space for people who want to do science but don't have a place to do it. The Indie Lab will be a communal location for all the -ologies to gather, swap ideas, and create experiments/products using shared lab equipment. We welcome anyone with a passion for creativity, collaboration, and crazy awesome DIY science. Come join the communal experiment!


    Who's Up Games, LLC

    Category: High Tech

    Our mission is to eliminate paper signup lists for real-life recreational games by creating a series of mobile apps that allow players to easily connect to a game, signup to play, and receive instant alerts through their mobile device when it’s their turn. Who’s Up? Beer Pong is currently available for iOS and coming soon for Android. We plan to release Who’s Up? Cornhole next, and other apps to follow. Our apps are the first to use push notification and location services to help find, organize & enhance real-life recreational games. We primarily use social media and word-of-mouth for marketing.


    Category: Services

    Virginia is for lovers, Richmond is where we Our personal consultation services help couples connect to local businesses, attractions, activities or creative ventures to build relationships with each other within the community. Couples approach Richmond and each other with beginner’s mind as businesses reach the couples market and couples reach businesses. Since couples need support, curates unique experiences to solve the “what are we doing” date night conundrum or workshops, mediates and coaches couples’ challenges. Through monthly member events, themed parties and creative workshops, your locally sourced love will grow with Richmond through us.

  • creocorps_logo


    Category: Services

    CREO CORPS aids and accelerates the success of Richmond’s creative community of makers, designers, and artists. Our brick and mortar space provides access to a comprehensive makerspace, engaging educational programming, and a network of makers. Our makerspace includes analog and digital tools for making, prototyping, and creative experimentation. Our educational programs focus on business challenges unique to handmade and design-oriented start-up companies. Our membership supports one another’s business growth and creative innovation. CREO CORPS is like Skillshare, a coffee house, and your grandpa's workbench all under one awesome roof. // @CreoCorpsRVA

  • speedguardlogo

    Speed Guard

    Category: High Tech

    Speed Guard is a device that uses the data that everyday driving produces in order to promote safety on the road. Through a mobile application (via Bluetooth), the device allows the vehicle owner to dynamically control the maximum speed that the car may travel based on the current speed limit, and other customizable settings. Speed Guard is desirable for parents of teen drivers, fleet owners, car sharers, and those who want to reduce their risk of costly speeding tickets. Will market to consumers interested in child safety and limiting the liability of their fleet. Will partner with insurance companies for Speed Guard customer discounts. One of the secondary benefits of Speed Guard will be the vehicle monitoring system, which will read check engine signals and alert vehicle owner of necessary maintenance and performance issues - some that drain fuel economy.  Not only do these alerts replace costly mechanic visits ($45 to run diagnostics alone), but they provide suggestions for local mechanics. There are a myriad of other opportunities to unlock from the vehicle data to provide great features to customers and value propositions to partners. Speed Guard is the entry level into smart driving technology. More info is available at

  • HandsocksColor_JPG

    Handsocks, LLC

    Category: Retail

    As a new mom, a ski trip with my infant led me to design a kid mitten that would not fall off. I created Handsocks, mittens kids enjoy. They are like socks for hands, which slip on easily stretching to the shoulder. They can be worn under or over tops/jackets. They provide compact functionality and fun. A whole collection is coming including customization, toy variation accessories, and waterproof mitts. We are working with VCU's fashion school on artwork and prototyping. We plan to launch at the ABC Baby Show in Vegas this September and via gift retailers and QVC.

  • Rapidus iPhone Screens web

    Rapidus - Making Grocery Shopping Suck Less

    Category: High Tech

    Rapidus was created to save you from the frustrating and time-consuming process of grocery shopping. Have you ever walked through an entire grocery store only to realize that what you were looking for is nowhere to be found? Do you hate waiting in long checkout lines or using an error-prone self-checkout terminal? Stop wasting countless hours in the routine of grocery shopping, and cut your shopping time in half by using Rapidus! Our mobile application allows you to scan items into a virtual shopping cart and seamlessly pay for them via a mobile payment with a click of a button - allowing you to walk right by the checkout lines on your way out the door. NEVER WAIT IN LINE AGAIN! We understand that not everyone can make it to the grocery store. Maybe you are time-crunched because of a growing family, are ill, or simply too busy. Wouldn't you love to have chicken noodle soup and cold medicine delivered right to your door when you're sick? Future versions will include an online ordering capability that will have your items ready for pick up at the store or delivered to your home. Rapidus gives you the power to shop on your own terms, so what are you waiting for? Rapidus Virtual Demo:

  • ReviewBatch2-4


    Category: Social Impact

    ReviewBatch is an online community management tool that allows business owners to manage and respond to their online/social media reviews. Business owners in the service industry (or any industry for that matter) want to spend their time in their business. This tool is designed to aggregate ALL of their online reviews from customers and put them into one manageable location. They can review, categorize and respond to customer reviews, whether they are positive or constructive. It works like this: Customers review a company online (positive or negative) which shows up on a social media outlet (i.e. Facebook) or a review site (i.e. Yelp). A notification is sent directly to that business owner/manager and they are able to review and respond to that customer's comments. We feel that having this tool available is like having a marketing manager working around the clock to both protect and promote your company.

  • RVA-Card-IE-Start-Up-Competition

    RVA Card, LLP.

    Category: Services

    RVA Card is Local Richmond's premiere discount and rewards program designed to help the local community thrive! Members show their card at purchase to receive special offers at over 150 locally owned and operated businesses. Businesses enjoy FREE online and print promotional advertising by providing exclusive discounts for members. Nonprofits receive FREE online and print promotional advertising, in addition to risk FREE fundraising support, from the RVA Card network. Find out more online at , on social media @RVAcard, or in pocket guides and catalogs found at partner locations stretched across the Greater Richmond Area.



    Category: Social Impact

    Pressure ulcers are a serious problem to the wheelchair community and one CEO, Calvin Peterson, knows all too well. Calvin has paraplegia and experiences the complications accompanied by pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers are a breakdown of the skin and underlying tissues that result from prolonged pressure on the skin. There are 474,692 new cases of pressure ulcers each year. The cost for treatment of one minor pressure ulcer is approximately $2,800 and in severe cases can cost upwards of $12,000 per month. The CUSH wheelchair cushion uses pressure alleviating technology in an innovative design to distribute weight and relieve pressure.

  • MakeMore-logo


    Category: High Tech

    The maker movement -- ranging from electronics, robotics and 3-D printing to arts and crafts, woodworking and metalworking -- has experienced dynamic growth and represents a $1B market. Yet despite this growth, services haven’t kept pace and makers still have to spend 20 - 40% of their time on activities outside of "making". Etsy and Inventables target discrete groups with discrete services, but makers want one place to: * Connect and collaborate with other makers in real time * Find providers and complete secure transactions with designers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and/or retailers * Access relevant online resources in one place * Learn from other makers and successful entrepreneurs MakeMore does this by providing a community- driven makerplace. Reaching early adopters through (mostly) inbound and (only high impact) outbound channels will be key to quickly develop a critical mass of makers and providers.

  • fishtourney


    Category: Services

    FishTourney is the online event management system for fishing tournaments. Gone are the days of outdated websites and mailing in registration forms. The FishTourney app and provide a set of tools that centralize and empower the angling community by making fishing tournaments more efficient and interactive. While driving engagement with fishermen, we enable organizers to run tournaments from the palm of their hand. In addition to existing tournaments, we work with businesses like tackle shops and marinas to create new tournaments. FishTourney also uses social media to promote tournaments and to encourage users to create tournaments with their friends.

  • Apps Richmond

    Category: High Tech

    Mobile apps are huge! But there's a problem... Popular apps become more popular crowding out new players. How can a new app rise above the crowd? Apps Richmond uses a development process pioneered by Berry Gordy's Motown, which had 79, Billboard Top Ten records in the 1960’s. Apps Richmond will replicate that level of success by: 1) Developing a talented team via profit sharing 2) A "fail fast" process to filter out non-hits 3) Delaying the costly development steps until the very end 4) Releasing apps on a predictable schedule 5) Leveraging successful apps to market others

  • Lumiary-Logo

    Lumiary, LLC

    Category: High Tech

    Lumiary enables small eCommerce companies to market more effectively. We help them understand results and act accordingly. Most online marketing companies focus on enterprise customers, thus leaving independent companies with inadequate services. Our customers make high quality, creative products and can grow sales rapidly by employing a simple marketing plan. But most smaller companies struggle to develop actionable plans because they have limited time and resources. Lumiary's simple tools empower them to build a plan and grow sales. The founders of Lumiary come from and Discovery Communications.

  • Virtual Clinic

    Category: High Tech

    I want to create a website and an App where patients can connect with doctors and other patients for guidance and objective advice and referrals about specific health issues. I have been through serious health issues recently, and social media saved my life. I was unable to get proper referrals or advice from the dozens of doctors I saw on the east coast. I had to turn to social media and patient sites to find recommendations for specialists, and eventually to raise money to fly to Stanford, because I had spent all my money going to the wrong places for a year. I hope that a Virtual Clinic will be a place that doctors can give advice and referrals to specialists without personal repercussions they might experience by referring outside their local hospitals or community. I have been active on many patient social media sites for the past ten years, and I see that this service is sorely needed in a centralized way. I would like to organize it like a hospital with all the departments, which would encourage collaboration between specialties - another aspect that is lacking greatly in medicine today.

  • IMG_8390


    Category: Education

    OSBRP (One Shady Back Road Please) seeks to shed light on the less romanticized career and life opportunities available to persons of the high school and college age group through our website (under construction). We intend to go places people normally lack the time or money to travel to, converse with uncommon people from unique and diverse career fields, and ask the questions that people genuinely wonder about, but are usually not appropriate to ask in conventional settings. Ultimately we seek to offer insight on what is "out of sight", and do so by providing in-depth video interviews combined with informational articles that resonate with our cohorts.

  • Manifest In Youth

    Category: Social Impact

    The desired mission of Manifest In Youth is to educate young children in financial awareness, healthy living, and career development. The focus will provide before and after school curriculum for under privileged youth in low poverty areas in Richmond and Henrico for ages 3-18. The organization will operate daily by providing transportation to and from school, after school one-on-one tutoring, weekend programs to include field trips to museums, Junior Achieve and other learning facilities. Manifest In Youth will reach consumers by building relationships with Richmond and Henrico elementary, middle, and high schools. In addition, partner with the Department of Social Services to identify at risk youth and work with child care/development centers.

  • The Soodle Shop

    Category: Retail

    Ribbon key chain launch. Future licensing for collegiate, sorority, cheerleading, country club. Trademarked and ready to launch!

  • mySound_logo


    Category: High Tech

    mySound is an online music recommendation service that allows the user to go behind-the-scenes to modify their taste preferences. We use machine learning to analyze and identify key song features. This will be used in conjunction with a music player app for Google Glass on the Android platform. This app will allow the user to verbally navigate through their music in order to give the consumer the control to create a more personal music experience by instantly interacting with music using hands-free technology. We aim to give individuals the freedom to decide their own musical journey.

  • Print

    Well Pack

    Category: Services

    Well Pack is a service that gives caring friends and family members a way to send products to loved ones in order to help them recover from illness and be well. We deliver to hospitals, treatment centers, rehabilitation facilities, and homes, providing care wherever it is needed most.   The first Well Pack product is a care package for chemotherapy patients. Unlike traditional care packages of gourmet snacks and gifts, our packs include tried-and-true palliative products that give cancer patients relief from common chemotherapy side effects and improve their chances of finishing chemotherapy treatment. We have developed partnerships with oncologists and relationships with cancer advocacy groups to raise awareness of Well Pack.   As we continue to validate the market needs, we are planning to roll out care packages for new mothers, as well as those dealing with conditions such as allergies, diabetes, and heart disease.

  • Green-apple-logo

    Green Apple

    Category: Education

    Green Apple provides a secure intranet network that works in concert with an application to limit users from accessing unapproved internet and texting in classrooms. The app enables engagement of various learning styles and connects professors and TA’s directly with students. The professor no longer has to compete with the internet for a student's attention. The app works as a role-taking device. The professor does not have to waste time tracking large groups of students. By signing in, the student's device will only allow phone calls and professor-approved content available on the intranet.

  • Mingle-Plate-Logo-Image

    Remarkable Kitchenware

    Category: Retail

    Our flagship product Mingle Plate ® is Ideal for standing social occasions, the plate is like a mobile table that mounts saucer, bowel and cups or any of the combination together. This combo of detachable tableware free people from sitting next to table so that people can network while eating. With Mingle Plate ® you can enjoy hors d’oeuvres and beverages with one hand. Mingle plates transform social dining experience and are great for sports and social events, freeing your guests to mix and mingle. They are manufactured as either durable or disposable materials.

  • Childcare App (name TBD)

    Category: High Tech

    Backpacks and diaper bags filled with snacks, meds, permission slips and daily reports. Out the door by 7:15am. At the office by 8:00am. The mental checklist of the working mom. 10:00am and she’s distracted, wondering about her girls at daycare, followed by the familiar guilt. And even the best of childcare centers are having trouble keeping pace with technology and communication needs of today’s parents. Enter our intuitive mobile app- connecting parents and centers in real time via smart phone.  Saving time, paper, and guilt with the added feature of a parent coach for advice and support.

  • Home Maintenance Management LLC

    Category: Services

    Home Maintenance Management LLC is a full service Home Improvement and maintenance Company. The offer Home service contracts to Home owners that COVER A VARIETY of services. we come out to your home 4 times a year (Quarterly) at any time your home needs any repairs (from unexpected events ) we're here to help. If your looking for a new deck, remodel bath, addition. we're here to assist you with any and all your Home Dreams and Maintenance.

  • CryptCoWalletLogo

    Crypt Co Wallet

    Category: Services

    Our mission at Crypt Co Wallet is to provide a user-friendly application that allows consumers to spend their cryptocurrencies (BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin) at retail locations as if it were fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP). Our company converts cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies at the point of sale and the retail locations receive fiat money. This service isn’t currently offered by anyone. Our application will be free to download, but each transaction will be charged a 1.9% transaction fee. Cryptocurrencies have been steadily rising since BitCoins first hit the market and our company will be the first to solve this market gap.

  • spendshare-logo_700x250px


    Category: High Tech





    Banks, retailers, and others have lots of data about their customers – and they want to create value from it.


    Marketers want put this data to use -- to better customize and target offers – and to measure marketing performance.


    However, there’s three challenges:

    1)    Most consumers use multiple cards to pay and purchase similar items at more than one store

    2)    Marketers want to a complete view into spending – and confidence that there aren’t blind spots

    3)    Consumers are concerned – and rightly so – about their private details being sold


    SpendShare builds data marketplaces – essentially “eBay for data”-- that turn these challenges into a win-win. 


    Using our platform, marketers buy data from multiple data suppliers.  We reassemble the piece parts into a whole view for marketers, earning a fee on each data exchange. 


    Marketers use our products to understand how consumers shop and buy – across competitors.  


    These insights help them refine their targeting which, in turns leads to better performing ads, increased sales and happier customers.            


    The data we receive is always anonymous – and we never exchange any individual consumer’s data. 


    Our products describe the average spending across small groups of anonymous but analytically similar consumers.


    Just over 100 days in, we have pending patents, a prototype in the cloud and an active client pipeline for our beta. 


    Our team has deep data science, marketing analytics and related technology experience.


    There’s a lot of similar talent in Richmond -- making us excited about RVA’s opportunity to become a destination. 


    Let us know what you think by tweeting with the tag #RVA Big Data.






  • green-trashy-diva-dress


    Category: Retail

    Pinup-ish is a start-up 1950's inspired boutique that offers affordable women's "RTW- Ready to Wear" clothing and accessories. The items in the shop are inspired by the glamour of the 1950's fashion "Golden Age". The consumer at Pinup-ish is a fashion forward female enjoys timeless, classic silhouettes that boast femininity. We will reach consumer by working with other businesses that complement our products and services for cross marketing opportunity: Pin-up Organize and Clean LLC - a 1950's inspired eco- friendly space organization and residential cleaning service. There is an e-commerce and social media to keep the vintage lovers connected.

  • SanibladeLgoProto


    Category: Food

    Sani-blade (patent pending) is a portable commercial countertop system that features three chambers which you use to properly wash, rinse and sanitize a knife blade in just seconds, helping prevent foodborne illness and saving kitchen staff valuable time. The wash chamber contains a brush assembly inside to remove debris from the knife blade as you clean it. Dip the knife into the rinse chamber,then into the sanitize chamber. It's that easy! When food safety is important, Sani-blade keeps you clean! Check this video to learn more We are working with a strategic partner to pursue licensing and have received interest from two major restaurant chains.



    Category: Services


  • GraduatedFare

    Category: Food

    As a 24-year old young professional in Richmond, it is the hardest thing to come home after a long day at work and prepare a healthy meal which I why I came up with my concept. GraduatedFare is a combination of recipes and prepared meals from local restaurants to create a much healthy and affordable “college” meal plans for the real world. Your weekly package would include simple/healthy recipes, a grocery list and 1-7 prepared dinners a week from your favorite local restaurants. With GraduatedFare, you can save time and money while elevating the way you eat.

  • ShopHop-Logo


    Category: Retail

    The internet has changed the way we shop forever. Our favorite local shops have had a hard time competing with online shopping and big boxes. Attempts to bring feet in the door have been short lived and haven’t hit on the real problem. Quite simply, we don’t know if they have what we want. ShopHop aims to take the ease of finding what you want online and meld it with the ability to try & buy locally right now. ShopHop gives local shops an easy way to list all their goods and lets shoppers find anything for sale in their area.

    Nearly everything you want is available to buy from a local shop in your market. The problem is finding that one item you need. Right now that task is daunting. Your options are making phone calls, driving to different shops or hoping that one of them lists their wares online. Because of this many people who would like to shop locally for more of their daily needs end up going to big box stores or ordering online. Imagine how those habits would change if those customers could find out where a product was, who was selling it and various other answers after just a quick search through ShopHop.

    Through a novel approach and clever strategy ShopHop aims to index every item available to buy in a local market, starting right here in RVA.


  • EdConnective-Logo-A


    Category: Education

    EdConnective’s goal is to foster great teaching in every classroom for at-risk students. Highly effective teachers accelerate student achievement by multiple grade levels in a single year but most teachers don’t have the supports needed to become highly effective. Urban districts spend 1-8% of their total operating budget on teacher improvement services to address teacher quality, yet this money is largely wasted on ineffective services. EdConnective provides individual observation, feedback, and coaching for K-12 teachers, using a high-impact methodology that helps teachers become more effective. Teachers record their instruction and upload it to my off-site coaches who provide intensive support

  • weatherization-01

    Johnson's Weatherization

    Category: Energy and Green Tech

    Weatherization upgrades to help homeowners save on monthly energy bill. This upgrade includes energy audits to determine how to balance the energy in the home. The business will provide a unique service such as monitoring our work and finding ways to reduce energy using less materials. Offering free home audits to consumers is the launching strategy for the business.

  • HGS-Logo-Black

    Harvest Grocery & Supply, Inc.

    Category: Food

    Harvest Grocery & Supply is a modern neighborhood market out to prove the power of independent grocers. We focus on supporting local food economies by educating consumers, creating a compelling retail environment and promoting the crucially important idea that good, locally grown food shared with others is fun. Harvest adds value to producers and consumers alike by providing a small footprint, responsive retail outlet that exists between the farmers market and a huge, corporate, sterile supermarket.

  • MUT_logotest

    Meet You There, LLC

    Category: Services creates event marketing collaborations between small/local businesses and larger organizations who are going after the same dollar. Example 1: provides a link to, members will see a list local businesses hosting events (wine&design, rock climbing). Member A can invite Member B to meet them for a date. People meet organically while enjoying new experiences. Local businesses increase traffic on slower days and have exposure to new customers. Online dating companies provide additional services without deviating from their core business model. Example 2: Weightwatchers links to for a “Celebrating Weight Loss” photo shoot with local photo studios.

  • IF-2

    IFINU - If I knew then what I know now...

    Category: Services


    9 of 10 people carry a cell phone. The most widely used application for personal and marketing communications in phones is SMS (short messaging server) messaging. IFINU uses this platform to deliver easily digestible, if-I-knew-then-what-I-know-now messages to inspire and motivate 1st year college students in their preferred communications medium.

    Anyone invested in the success of a 1st year college student (or 2nd, 3rd and 4th year, to 1st year law school, business school, medical school, et al), parents, HS college counselors, college administrators, admission, orientation and transition personnel, and wishes to impart learned wisdom of experience and reflection, in an easy and fun format, will love IFINU!    

  • VAInnovationSpacesFORWEB

    Virginia Innovation Spaces: Social Entrepreneurialism in Every County of VA

    Category: Social Impact

    The purpose of Virginia Innovation Spaces is to reach into the communities of Virginia—where citizens are able and interested in employing themselves—and create jobs in the spirit of Social Entrepreneurialism. There are many communities in Virginia with people who have great ideas or the potential to start their own businesses, but lack the resources, motivation and support needed to turn ideas into tested and implemented realities. We aim to establish an Innovation Space in consult with local government, in each county of VA, wherein every 6 months, a new cohort of participants will be sought out and vetted for training and support for a business idea and given the physical and financial support to test and validate their work. Read a detailed description here:

  • Availendar_Logo-01


    Category: Services is open table for the wedding and event planning industry. The system allows wedding and event planners to see and inquire about real time availability calendars for a curated list of vendors - like venues, photographers, caterers, etc. This is a huge time saver for planners and an awesome sales tool for vendors (venues, caterers, photographers, etc). We are a virtual company disrupting the planning industry in NYC first. Most of the owners are based in Richmond. Since Jan 15, 2014 – we have been blasting off.

  • before3-SNAPSHOT-030714

    before3 - connecting those who need help with those nearby

    Category: Services

    Solves procrastination. Saves fuel, time, energy, frustration, and money. It's on-demand, location-based hiring and it may do for for spare time what eBay has done for spare goods. ______Before, there was too much wasted capacity. Too much travel for little reward. Too many people crossing paths to do similar work at too distant locations. Too many people who wanted work but could not be easily found. Too many tasks that just did not get completed due to an inefficient protocol for filling excess capacity. ______Now, before3 connects those who need help with those interested, nearby, and available. ______Buyers are now armed with a desktop and mobile app that lets them easily and freely find the help they need on their terms. Service Providers (or Workers) now have a valuable tool, in their pockets, that helps them get more work, nearby, when they have extra time or excess capacity. ______Service Providers download the before3 app and subscribe after peers tell them how before3 has helped them get more work, fill workday voids, and travel less. ______Buyers are drawn to before3 because friends and business associates tell them how they found help that was nearby and available in just a few minutes; that they were abe to outline the price or rate they would pay, the date and time they needed the work done, and, using the speech recognition feature, quickly and easily provide more details about the job or project; that they could see reviews of the Workers that responded as interested; and because it's free. ______The before3 opportunity is global and scalable, solves excess capacity and excess travel for workers everywhere, and just what procrastinators around the world have been waiting for.  

  • WindowClingV0

    Local Yum LLC

    Category: Services

    Local Yum is a start-up focused on using food to connect people and make everyone feel welcomed in the community. Imagine what it will be like if you can remove the divide between the tables at restaurants. The great people you can meet and the new ideas that can be created simply by enjoying a meal with the stranger sitting next to you. Local Yum uses technology to makes it easy to create and sign up for dining events. Anyone can host an event and use food as an excuse to gather people around a common interest. Anyone can join an event if they are open-minded and want to meet new people. We take everything that might distract you from enjoying a great conversation and move it into the sign-up process. For example, you will not need to stop your conversation to analyze the menu, because you would already have chosen your dish in advance. You will no longer need to worry about waiving down the server at the end of the meal to settle the bill, because you would have already paid in advance. The idea is, on the day of the event, you do not need to worry about anything but enjoying a social dining experience across a communal table. Local Yum looks to make dining out feel like going to a friend’s place instead of going to an established restaurant. We are starting our quest to enable a more connected community by reaching out to restaurants and hosting events in March 2014.

  • Spoken4-Logo


    Category: Services

    Spoken4 is Richmond's pedicab service. We provide green, affordable, accessible transportation around RVA. We all want a bike-friendly city with easily accessible transportation and boutique restaurants - we address these factors and bring something with new character to the city. We're out six days/week. Customers can call, text or tweet for rides - on weekends until after 2 am. Our transportation is a fun experience that prevents drunk driving and lets everyone spend more time on a bike. We utilize PR, guerrilla strategies, attending special events and social media. The more visible our bikes, the more they're utilized.

  • OliveAshby-logo-pic-ie

    Olive Ashby

    Category: Retail

    Olive Ashby launched the fall of 2013 creating bowties for boys and men. I decided to go on this creative adventure because of my passion for the fashion industry and my love of buying products made in the States.  But it all really took off after listening to a presentation in my Sunday School class.  The young couple that morning spoke on the lack of employment opportunities in the Richmond region and how many people live with little hope of ever making it above the poverty line.  In that room that morning all I could think was, "Hey I can do something. I can help.  I can make a difference". Olive Ashby is a little company with a big goal of creating heirloom quality products right here in Virginia.  And as it grows, I look forward to giving hope to others through education and jobs.   In fact one of my greatest pleasures has been teaming up with my mom who was laid off in 2011.  Olive Ashby has allowed her to try out this new creative path and discover new possibilities! In addition to creating the bowties, I am launching sewing classes this spring with the goal of empowering others with a skill set they can use to benefit their everyday life and share with others.  Classes will focus on learning new techniques and taking home a Pinterest worthy product at the conclusion of each class.  Every fourth class will be offered at no cost, with the focus not only being learning a new skill, but providing a local non-profit such as my church's Missionary home, CARITAS, St. Joseph's Villa or Habitat with a product they are in need of. Over the past five months Olive Ashby bowties have been shipped to over 14 states, can now be purchased in an Ashland boutique and is capturing big impressions on social media. This adventure is endless and I look forward to seeing what is in store. Overall I am so thankful for this opportunity to share my business with the community and local professionals who can provide some wisdom to help me reach the next level. Much thanks! Elizabeth Olive Ashby

  • image002

    Carri Collection

    Category: Social Impact

    Carri Collection is a for-profit company with a social mission. We focus on improving lives in communities as our customers enjoy our products. These goals are important to us, and we reach them together with you. Giving back is half of Carri. We want to help start a change by converting your everyday purchases into acts of kindness. We are committed to making products that you will be proud to use and that will be useful to our beneficiaries. Every time Carri sells one backpack, another backpack is given to a non-profit organization right here in the USA. ( Communities in School, Childhelp and YMCA Bright Beginnings) We recognize that backpacks are essential to the education all U.S. children deserve. But even as backpacks become more of a school necessity each year, too many U.S. children can’t afford backpacks, school supplies, clothing, and even food. But understanding and awareness creates the drive to change the status quo. Backpacks are just the beginning. We intend to expand the collection to offer unique items made by USA Moms, handicap citizens, autistic students and the like. Our brick and mortar is our website. Retail sales including college bookstores, large chain and boutiques. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  • logo-TenantTurner-stacked-277x190

    Tenant Turner

    Category: High Tech

    There are over 100 million renters in the US and the overwhelming majority have to fill out paper applications and mail their monthly rent checks. Thats because there are few tools available to help  property owners and their applicants take the rental process online. Tenant Turner is evolving the tenant acquisition, screening, and management processes for independent property owners and managers. We find, score,  and screen prospective renters so part-time landlords can fill vacancies fast with higher quality tenants. Renters enjoy the efficiencies Tenant Turner provides even after they move in by paying rent electronically and managing maintenance requests from their phones. To learn how Tenant Turner is helping rental property owners and managers find better tenants faster, check out our company summary. To learn more about Tenant Turner or to sign up for a free account, go to

  • PRObono


    Category: Social Impact

    Imagine a world where nonprofits have access to the same award-winning integrated marketing communications talent corporations have.  Imagine the positive impact on the bottom line. Critical resources, which were otherwise allocated for limited marketing efforts, are now re-allocated to the organization's core mission - where they are needed the most. PRObono is a non-profit (to pursue 501c(3) status) integrated marketing communications (IMC) agency exclusively serving non-profit organizations. Funded with tax-deductible grants from government agencies, corporations, and generous donations from individuals passionate about PRObono's mission, our agency provides award-winning IMC services, free or subsidized, to qualified non-profit organizations and initiatives, on a non-competitive basis. Services, from strategy to materials, will be provided by full-time in-house experts, as well as a network of multi-disciplinary experts from across the country. This unique model, the only one like it in the country, helps non-profits thrive and achieve their organization's goals and objectives. Discover more about us at

  • America After 911

    Category: Social Impact

    America after 9/11 is designed to appraise and appreciate the value of people. We have several programs, #in beauty free services. #SAFE seniors against fearful environments. #energy relief fund. #reasonable relief helping with mortgages. #Key Health code 811 helping people to pay their medical costs. #GERE global economic rescue endowment that will justify the change in the face value of financial instruments in an effort to meet the "liquidity horizon", It will clean the slate for our international economy resolution. Our services address the pain point for people enduring hardships. We will reach our audience through marketing measures such as partnering with AARP and other participating partners. It's how we get it done, we are a registry matching those in need with those were able to provide the services.

  • ArdeensDesigns

    Category: Retail

    I have been a nurse for over 22 years and I recreated the nurse uniform.

  • 45541_10152315669513761_1564449445_n

    Peak Sound of Virginia

    Category: Services

    Peak Sound of Virginia is a start-up by two University of Mary Washington students who love live sound. Peak Sound operates with the intention of giving great equipment to people who would never get to have access to it otherwise. We seek out venues and bands and actively engage them to try new things and perform more. We serve a niche of artists who don't have the capital to purchase expensive audio equipment but benefit by utilizing top of the line equipment that better captures their talents. Marketing currently is aggressive word of mouth exclusively.

  • EcoHelp, LLC

    Category: Education

    3rd Party Health inspector. Helping small food business serve safe food . Offering inspections and coaching of management and staff in day to day operations. I have 20 years experience in the industry, this was born as I witnessed large chains have this service available to them. So this small business is available to small business This service will get the staff in the habits needed to protect the brand and negative press. When the health department does come for inspection, no one will freak out causing mistakes that don't normally happen. They will have experience being inspected.

  • 2014_CH_Logo


    Category: Social Impact

    CommunityHEARTBEATS is a nonprofit based in Goochland County which seeks to help nonprofits and small businesses thrive in RURAL or URBAN areas where resources are slim so the community as a whole stays alive. We hope to help by providing: ~ startup help in the form of business plans, or ~ for nonprofits - incorporation, bylaws & 1023 guidance ~ Board of Director setup and training ~ Volunteer Recruitment ~ Event Management ~ Fundraising ~ Logos, Ad design and Graphic Design ~ Website Design and Maintenance ~ Direct, Social Media & Email Marketing ~ Database and Contacts Database setup ~ Etc. Our fees are nominal and if a small business or nonprofit is unable to pay, we have a sliding scale system. It they are unable to pay using the sliding scale system, we ask that they "Pay It Forward!" HEARTBEATS is also an acronym for those areas which we believe make a community strong. If a community does not excel in any of the areas, then CommunityHEARTBEATS will also seek a solution with county officials and stockholders acccordingly: H - Health & Human Services E - Education A - Arts, Entertainment and Tourism R - Real Estate (especially affordable) T - Transportation (choices) B - Business & economic development E - Environment stewardship A - Age-related care T - Technology and utilities for all residents S - Spiritual, Support, Service and Sports Groups The nonprofit was incorporated in March 2012 but has not become a 501(c)(3) yet. IRS gives nonprofits 27 months to file the 1023 to apply for that status. We don't know if we qualify for the question, "Is your business less than one year old?". We hope that we do because we've been helping people pro bono and have not collected the funds as of yet. Thanks!

  • shelfie-facebook klaman

    Shelfie! The Bathtub Tray for Safer Play

    Category: Retail

    As a mom to two preschool-age daughters, I've spent many nights sitting by the bathtub with a wet towel, catching the overflow.  That is, until now! Shelfie--The Bathtub Tray for Safer Play, is an innovative new, patent-pending bath-time accessory for toddlers and young children. It creates play space on the tub ledge and contains water, which helps to prevent slips, falls, and injuries. Two years ago, I built the first Shelfie out of cardboard and duct tape. Today, Shelfie's e-commerce website is up and running, and sales have begun. The initial marketing strategy combines social media outreach and advertising with direct, old-fashioned door-knocking to local retail shops that carry children's products.  We are ready today to demonstrate through product sales that Shelfie solves a problem universal to parents of little ones.  Today, Shelfie is available for sale online, and at Pigtails & Crewcuts and The Toy Center in Richmond.  In the months ahead, we plan to take Shelfie from RVA to anywhere in the USA!

  • sogood

    The SoGood

    Category: High Tech

    The SoGood is a premium network of the best local businesses where discovery is driven by people you trust. Both consumers and small businesses rely on word-of-mouth to discover and to be discovered, but there is no targeted, easy channel to share and receive these recommendations. Furthermore, available local discovery platforms lack curation and leave consumers sorting through massive amounts of listings reviewed by anonymous users. We offer users and businesses a more premium, personalized experience to discover local by providing a mobile app that is curated, highly visual, and social. Through our app, you can easily see the landscaper that your neighbor uses or the floral designer that a celebrity event planner recommends. We launched in beta in mid-December 2013 in two small test markets: Charlotte, NC & Charleston, SC. (Richmond, VA will be opening this spring.)  We have signed up over 200 high-quality business customers and have forged partnerships with a number of "tastemakers" including celebrity event planner Tara Guérard and Vogue Contributor Julia Reed. Tastemakers assist with market curation, user acquisition, and seed our platform with compelling content.  Our team is comprised of a Wharton/McKinsey alum, a successful entrepreneur (founder and an engineer. Download our mobile app on any iPhone or iPad and visit out website at

  • CopyShoppy-logo-no-slogan

    Category: Services

    ** is the worlds first interactive advertisement copy marketplace where businesses host contests for all of their copywriting needs, including business and product brand names, available domain names, taglines, online and offline ad copy, product descriptions, headlines, press releases, jingles and more. **Founded in May 2013 with headquarters in Richmond, VA, the site hosts a robust and diverse community of talented copywriters who enter contests with the writing they determine will optimize the marketing materials of the contest holder. **Pain point: Startups and small businesses need effective brand names and advertisement copy to set a solid foundation for their growth and success. Naming and copywriting agencies are much to expensive and individual freelancers are often unreliable - CopyShoppy provides startups and entrepreneurs access to affordable and effective copywriting services; for e.g., launch a contest for a product name for only $149, and receive 50+ entries from talented copywriters according to your project details. Then rate, eliminate or provide feedback to the copywriters that entered your contest, select finalists, and choose the winner who submitted the best creative. The winner of your contest then receives a monetary prize amount after transferring the copyright of the winning entry over to you, the contest holder.

  • EcoHelp, LLC

    Category: Services

    Third party health inspector In food service today, all the big chains have available to them a third party health inspector. At this time no one is conducting these inspections for the small mom and pop shops. How this works is, the day at any given time a surprise inspection is scheduled of all the food saftey handling practices and how their food is stored and kept to the correct temperature. A mock HEALTH INSPECTION. (usually when the real inspecion is happening, the staff gets very nervous and makes mindless mistakes resulting in violations) This will be used as a training tool for the future. This ultimatly helps to protect the brand and as the staff learns more, they will be serving safe food. No Gotcha will be published by the "Real Inspector" We also offer Serve Safe Certification and classes that will be brought to the location, saving time and money, Lastley, we offer WAYS TO WOW YOUR CUSTOMERS training for the resturant that is looking to build their brand. Take their customer service to the next level.

  • 535563_10151142768491483_883107086_n


    Category: Social Impact

    Our New 501 c 3 organization "BUSFARM" grows food, raises farm animals-fish and honey bees inside of school buses. We aim to teach children and adults about food security through innovative methods on a micro scale. Our buses will be stationary and mobile, i.e. visiting schools, businesses/ corporate campuses and neighborhoods. We aim to have a fully functional-sustainable urban BUSFARM location and also set up BUSFARMS at schools, businesses or abandoned lots as learning tools. We also aim to use solar-wind and geo-thermal energy to power our BUSFARMS as well collecting rain water and composting, fully functional and self sustaining! We do not have a web site yet as this info has not been released and we just received our NPO status 1 month ago. Our biz category could be a combination of social impact, food and education. Thanks for your time hope to be contacted form someone soon. Sincerely, Mark and Suzi Lilly

  • Safe-Dri-Logo

    Everyday Innovations LLC

    Category: Retail

    Target Audience: Clothing-conscious women who appreciate the benefits of partial clothes drying. Pain Point: Accidental shrinking and fading while trying to partially dry clothing in the dryer. Unique Selling Proposition: Safe-Dri® Dryer Protection Bags are specially designed with advanced moisture management fabrics to partially dry your clothing, providing a safe and easy way to get the benefits of partial drying without the extra step of returning to the dryer to pull out shrinkable clothing before it over dries and without the risk of overexposing clothing to dryer heat & tumbling damage that leads to shrinking and fading.

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