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  • DMPLO.2


    Category: Social Impact

    DoMorePeriod is an organization geared towards promoting community activism in the Richmond Area. The mission is to collaborate with individuals and community based organizations to identify areas DoMorePERIOD can be of support and service while inspiring others to do the same.

  • Hemply

    Category: Social Impact was founded on simple principle: people should be able to win money by helping to legalize marijuana. will be a mailing list that people can join to receive pointers about specific actions they can take to expedite cannabis legalization. People are automatically entered to win $2,000 when they subscribe to the mailing list. A variety of marketing techniques will be employed, including the usual suspects--SMO and SEO. Targeted ads will also be purchased, and viral videos are being created. The list will spread virally because people will be incentivized to share it. When sign-ups exceed 50,000 people, we will turn on several possible revenue streams. Note: .ly is a obviously a valid tld but the form wouldn't let me enter it in the website address section.

  • aGRAshare-artwork


    Category: Social Impact

    Want to gather with friends and family around a bonfire and listen to the quiet strumming of guitars under the stars?  Congregate with the community rail-side to celebrate and support historical horse races that benefit local charities? Stroll an open air market perusing the wares of local organic artisans?  Swing on a tire-swing, climb a rope ladder or cross a stream dangling from a zip-line? Learn from local farmers and chefs how to grow, harvest and cook heirloom crops?  Explore a sustainable barnyard, interacting with heritage livestock and collect your own farm fresh eggs? Then join our "Roots Revival"!

      aGRAshare is holding a "Roots Revival" and everyone is asked to attend! Why? aGRAshare seeks to "revive the roots" of Virginia's rural heritage for all of us to enjoy and experience. aGRAshare will aggregate conservation, innovation, education and preservation to ensure sustainable agricultural, technical, cultural and economic development and attract a cross sector of social enterprises with like values for the betterment of our community and Virginia at large. How? RSVP to our "Roots Revival" by voting for aGRAshare as your favorite start-up in the ie. Start-up Competition. When? March 26, 27 and 28 is currently under construction but in the meantime, please join us on Facebook! **To further illustrate our commitment to cultivating opportunities for our community to experience a more personal connection with agriculture, WE PLEDGE to DONATE 10% of any CASH prizes AWARDED to aGRAshare to fellow NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS in the GREATER RICHMOND AREA!**

  • 3ThoughtsMeanALot


    Category: Social Impact

    3THOUGHTSMEANALOT is built with the mission to help foster self-confidence within toddlers-teens through the use of self affirmations. The concept drew inspiration from the movie, "The Help", the scene where the little girl is asked to recite the same affirmation every morning at wake-up. 3THOUGHTSMEANALOT will serve as a site that parents and kids can order customized accessories (bracelets, patches, magnets) that can be worn at school on backpacks, clothing, displayed on lockers, etc. I envision 3THOUGHTSMEANALOT becoming a "Life is Good" for kids. With the ongoing issues of school bullying, kids need to feel an inner value of self worth, self love that through belief can have a tremendous impact throughout life.

  • Screen-Shot-2013-03-19-at-10.05.49-PM


    Category: Social Impact

    Hiphop culture is often viewed as an unfortunate stigma that tarnishes the lives of our youth. In order to address and annihilate this misconception that impacts our youth daily, there is an urgent need for young people to have consistent access to a safe zone that does not take away their hiphop identities, but uplifts them instead. HIP HOPE works to counteract the anarchy that elements of hiphop culture may present by providing an intensive and interactive after-school mentoring program for youth of Richmond, VA between the ages of 12 and 16. Through using the aesthetics of hiphop culture to shift perspectives and maximize impact, youth have a unique venue to cultivate essential life skills, celebrate the positivity of hiphop culture, and foster artistic freedom. HIP HOPE is a viable solution for youth living in a vulnerable society.

  • Pearls of Wisdom

    Category: Social Impact

    Education is one of the most influential concepts in our society today and while it affords some females a better life, many young women miss its purpose without guidance. Positive role models are missing and life education is lacking. Pearls of Wisdom, or P.O.W., stands in the gap by giving young women grandma's pearls but in a whole new light. Through mentoring sessions, basic life classes, exposure, seminars and expert talks, P.O.W. shows young women how to take charge of their lives, build hopeful futures, and change the community at large. For us, it’s not enough to just give information. We are here to show them how to live it, becoming the pearls they were created to be.

  • soulPerk

    Soul Perks

    Category: Social Impact

    Empower employers to make their employees happy. Retain and attract top talent by offering a personalized perk designed to create meaning and add happiness to the lives of each of employee every month. At Soul Perk, we believe that life is about happiness, and that shouldn't stop when you walk into work each day. While many companies treat the happiness they bring to their employees as contained in the paychecks they write every two weeks, the reality is that money relates directly to happiness only up to a point. In a world where attracting and retaining top talent has become priority number one for so many companies, shouldn't businesses be focusing on giving their employees things to actually make them happier people? We believe happy employees are good employees, and employees that will stay. We believe that the things that make us happy aren't tangible things most of the time: they're things that add meaning to our lives. Supporting our favorite charities, supporting our professional, spiritual, and cultural development, and giving us amazing experiences are the things that make modern Americans happier people. That is why Soul Perk uses software to allow each of employee of a given company to tell us about themselves, and then we create a profile of things we think would make that person happier. Then, we partner with amazing local and national partners to bring each employee a customized set of perk options to choose from, each designed to add value and create meaning in their lives. Life is about more than just a paycheck: find your Soul Perk.

  • flame_icon

    Interviews From Hell

    Category: Social Impact

    INTERVIEWS FROM HELL is a mobile application focused on the sh*t we go through to get a job or fill a position. This three tiered application is geared to help prepare users for their next interview …and provide quite a few laughs while they’re at it. First, IFH collects and shares the outrageous scenarios and horror stories of both employers and job candidates during the interview process and posts these experiences in a real time social feed. End users will be able to like/dislike and provide commentary or support for the submissions on the timeline. Next, users can view daily expert advice from local professionals such as Snag-A-Job, the VA Unemployment Commission, and local recruiters. This tier also includes links to articles, data, and statistics supporting the current post. Lastly, this application provides the ability to conduct personal mock interviews by accessing the user’s mobile camera. Randomly submitted questions will scroll across the screen giving users the option to record and playback their reactions. While an excellent source of entertainment and hilarity, this feature proves to be a useful exercise in thinking outside of the box. Visit and commiserate! Watch:

  • Bard Unblound logo in color

    Bard Unbound

    Category: Social Impact

    "The purpose of playing hold..the mirror up to nature.” Hold a mirror up to today’s technology driven society and you find a world in crisis. Our youth are proficient in technology, but without the 21st Century skills that guide it. Our secret weapon? Unleash the Bard! Superhero powers include: -releasing creativity -improving compassion -developing focus and concentration -promoting collaboration -encouraging problem solving -enhancing decision making - promoting self awareness -improving communication skills - encouraging PLAY! Through working with school systems, homeschool groups, PTAs and clubs we will spread the Bard with workshops, afterschool programs, residencies and more!

  • Virginia Hornets Inc.

    Category: Social Impact

    VA. Hornets Inc. has emerged in 2013 as a newly formed Non-Profit Organization, with is a comprehensive program to continue providing services to the VA. Hornets, serve as trainers for youth, provide a higher level of competition play for youth, and expand sports as an industry to youth who feel they lack the physical aptitude to compete on higher levels. VA Hornets Inc. serves children, ages 5-18, in the Richmond Metro area. The focus of the program is to promote sustained youth sport participation and healthy development in youth in the sports industry, by fostering positive experiences.

  • storytellers

    The Storytellers Channel

    Category: Social Impact

    Restoring and elevating the rich tradition of storytelling is critical to building and sustaining stronger communities. The Storytellers is a community-based incubator dedicated to addressing this problem. Storytellers pay to attend 6-weekly workshops. Their director and fellow participants collaborate to craft their stories and polish their performance. Participants sell tickets to local theater performances where they share their stories with their community. Performances are videoed and distributed through traditional and new media. Additional revenue comes from sponsorships, advertising, subscriptions and content sales. Storytellers receive appropriate royalties. This vision scales nationally with American Idol-esque potential.

  • 4laborlogo

    Category: Social Impact

    4Labor is an online job posting site that specializes in serving quality labor providers with qualified leads while delivering relevant search results

  • WalkBack

    Category: Social Impact

    WalkBack is a mobile and web application that helps friends “walk“ each other home at night, gives students easy access to emergency resources, and provides valuable data to university authorities to make more effective safety decisions. In this way, the WalkBack platform provides value by connecting two distinct user groups: student users of the mobile app and university officials. Free to student users, WalkBack will generate revenue from university customers who pay for an analytics platform for infrastructure planning. Leveraging social networks and providing these networks with communication & analytic tools creates a unique, bottom-up approach to enhancing campus safety.

  • mle-poss-logo

    Married Life Entertainment (MLE)

    Category: Social Impact

    MLE will become the first raindrop to create the initial groundswell of nationwide demand for “good clean fun” designed for married couples (of all ages & stages). We will be engineered to Enrich Marriages through Play (e.g. LIVE game shows, dancing, lighting & other “themed” attractions). Couples will come together to celebrate their marriage & take home the excitement. Our brand will offer a SOLUTION to one of the major risk factors for divorce – BOREDOM! We will bring the “complete show” to clients with intrinsic interest in making marriages/families work (i.e. faith communities, organizations, celebrities & other communities).

  • RAC-logo_final_RGB

    Richmond Autism Connection

    Category: Social Impact

    Richmond Autism Connection aims to create a 21st century work environment that caters to the needs of its employees with autism spectrum disorders. Many people on the spectrum offer unique skills to their employers such as attention to detail, exceptional memories, and a talent for excelling at repetitive tasks; however, they are chronically unemployed or underemployed due to social barriers. By developing a client base of Richmond companies in need of data entry, quality assurance, and other time consuming tasks, adults with autism will join the workforce in a capacity that suits their individual skills and interests. Visit to learn more. Executive Summary

  • Dancing-with-Diabetes


    Category: Social Impact

    You are my super hero! I’ve been looking for you for a long time. You get me out of bed to workout when I rather sleep. You support healthy lifestyle choices. You understand. I love seeing you at weekly meetings and I am impressed with your swagger, attitude and experience. Keep sending the tweets. I love the Facebook page. Being a member of the League of DiaMens makes it okay to talk about health challenges. Through programs… I know how to cook healthy food, find physical activity right for me, and care for myself. I no longer struggle alone. I’m glad I found the League of DiaMens at my high school and on college campuses. Fellow league members mentor me with their experience. DiaMens offers healthy lifestyle programs. It encourages me to implement healthy choices between medical appointments. The League of DiaMens is where I connect with a diabetes mentors and find support to make healthy choices. You’re a lifesaver.

  • final1-1

    Feast RVA

    Category: Social Impact

    Feast RVA was incorporated in September of 2012. Our goal is to provide a platform to raise awareness and funding for creative and community initiatives. Since our inception, Feast RVA has awarded over $3,000. As we become a 501(c)(3) Non-profit, we look forward to further solidifying Feast RVA in Richmond. It’s an exciting time in RVA. Technology, awareness, timing; many aspects have contributed to the vibrancy in the city. Feast RVA exists to encourage this energy. Our engaged and diverse attendees allow the opportunity for powerful ideas to spread through the community. Feast RVA - Bringing ideas to the table.

  • New Image1

    Success Without Limitations Inc.

    Category: Social Impact

    One of the many goals of Success Without Limitations (SWL) is to bring Richmond college graduates below the 53% national rate of underemployment and unemployment. By utilizing workshops, lectures, and e-mentoring facilitated by established professionals, SWL instills in college students the necessary intangible skills needed to succeed post graduation. SWL strengthens social enterprise, cultivates career development, and establishes cohesive relationships simultaneously while encouraging student acts of humanitarianism. In addition, we develop peer led educational activities, by creating service learning programs for high school students to aid in their transition from high school to college conducted by currently enrolled college students.

  • Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 2.06.32 PM


    Category: Social Impact

    Rock-A-Roma is fun for all! Adults can enjoy making natural bath salts and scented aromatherapy rocks. While youth customers learn to make rock candy, rock themed decorations, and learn about the diverse rocks in Virginia. Rock-A-Roma will teach entrepreneurial and business methods to teens in the Richmond area. The concept steamed from the Children Entrepreneurs Securing Success (C.H.E.S.S.) Foundation a non-profit organization that extracts leadership, ambition, and success out of youth and guide them to favorable outcomes. Rock-A-Roma will be a collective, where Richmond teens are hired to manage and operate the business in order to put theory into application. Check out our video

  • OptimumEd-Logo-07-02-12

    Optimum Ed

    Category: Social Impact

    Families face a tremendous financial challenge in helping their children gain the leverage of higher education. They are confronted with a number of tough questions: Should their child go to a four-year university or a career college? Will they be able to afford their education? Will their child find a job? Are they making the right decisions? Optimum Ed is here to help. As early as middle school, we work with families to map out the path to the right education and a rewarding career. We help them evaluate all their options and manage the student’s progress. We consult one on one with the parents and student at the Optimum Ed Center. We’re your advocate from start to finish and push for what is right for your family. Optimum Ed is your partner in the education and career selection process.

  • LogoCGP-4CoverFinal007

    Columbia Graphics & Printing

    Category: Social Impact

    In my work in mental health, I have realized that many peers, (people with mental health issues), are stuck due to barriers to employment. Many peers with a diagnosis have highly developed creativity due to overwhelming life circumstances. Columbia Graphics & Printing seeks to tap into the creativity of peers, by empowering them with laptops, software and education in order to employ them as graphic artists. Peers would learn the tools of graphic art so they can freelance in the community and feed print work to Columbia Graphics & Printing. Ideally there would be around 40 peers all over Virginia creating print-ready graphics. Each peer would either sell their work or be partnered with a sales associate in their region. Marketing would be focused on the Community Service Boards (CSBs) across Virginia (there are 40). Each CSB region would have a peer nearby who would supply their graphic needs and promote the work of the local peer. These contacts would be the focus of our marketing strategy. Once a peer is hired for a particular region, then that CSB would be formally introduced to their peer contact so that business networking could begin. Funding this program would help many people get on their feet and go a long way toward eliminating the stigma of mental illnesses.

  • image


    Category: Social Impact

    We all have milestones we hope to reach throughout our lives, whether it’s starting a family, taking on certain career roles, traveling to places we’ve never been, or taking personal adventures. But how do we go about reaching these goals? Do we tell someone? Write them down? What if you forget? Or lose your list? So, what about a bucket list for the very tech-savvy 21st century? One that travels with us, evolves with us, and grows with us? Checkit is a mobile application that allows you to organize, plan, and share your bucket list. We want to enable individuals to experience the most memorable moments of their lives.

  • rvafarms_color

    RVA Farms

    Category: Social Impact

    RVA Farms will operate an urban farm in the city of Richmond, Virginia that sells fresh organic fruits and vegetables in food deserts. Our urban farm will feature hoop houses, an outdoor demonstration garden and learning pavilion. We will be Richmond’s first urban farm B-Corporation. Richmond has 12 USDA designated food deserts, and a poverty level of 25%. RVA Farms will market to these communities using pop-up farmer's markets that accept SNAP and WIC, culinary arts classes and other culturally relevant programming. We will also market to local restaurants, grocery stores and feature a CSA for the city.

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